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Get the most for your guaranteed investment

GICs give your portfolio guaranteed growth and reassurance that your money is secure. However, buying a GIC that’s right for you may not be as straightforward as you might think. GICs feature a wide range of interest rates, terms and options and many Canadians end up with a lower interest rate or less flexibility than they wanted.

Your financial advisor can help, with the information and access to get you the best rates and the best features for a GIC that meets your unique investment needs.

Interest rates vary from one financial institution to another. Manulife Bank offers some of the best rates in Canada. And your advisor will recommend only stable secure financial institutions that offer GICs, like Manulife Bank, because a GIC is only as secure as the company offering it. Manulife Bank is owned by Manulife Financial, one of Canada’s largest and strongest financial institutions.

The many benefits of GICs

Whether you’re looking for a low-risk investment or an effective way to diversify your portfolio, there are many benefits to GICs:

  • Growth - Your investment is guaranteed to grow, regardless of how the markets perform
  • Dependability - your interest rate is guaranteed not to fluctuate throughout the term.
  • Security - your original investment will be returned with interest at maturity, guaranteed.
  • Flexibility - ideal inside or outside your RRSP, you can choose the term and interest options that are right for you.
  • Simplicity - an investment that’s guaranteed to grow - what could be simpler?

Choose a term that meets your needs

Speak to your financial advisor about Manulife Bank’s GICs. Choose short or long term GICs:

Deposit Protection

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