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Whether you need a line of credit for that next big purchase or you'd like to give a boost to your registered or non-registered retirement savings, we have the type of loan to meet your needs.

Investment loans

If you want to contribute to the non-registered portion of your retirement fund, you may want to consider a Manulife Bank Investment Loan. Investment leverage can be a powerful strategy. To learn how it works, view our Understanding Investment Leverage Flash presentation, then speak to your financial advisor to discuss if this approach is right for you.

RRSP loans

One of the key benefits of contributing to an RRSP is that it immediately reduces the amount of income tax you need to pay. If you don't have the cash to make a contribution, an RRSP loan is an excellent alternative. And Manulife Bank offers an attractive floating interest rate, flexible payment options and no fees.

Access Line

One of the keys to financial security is the ability to borrow money quickly and cost-effectively when the need arises. A line of credit can be a  flexible, low-cost way to access cash or reduce the cost of existing loans.

Manulife One (Home Equity Line of Credit)

This innovative all-in-one account enables homeowners to use what they own to reduce what they owe and save thousands in interest costs. Manulife One gives you access to a line of credit secured by your home, which allows you to purchase what you need, when you need it. It is a unique approach to managing your finances that will simplify your financial life.

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