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See how fast your money can grow with our RRSP Calculator


Your RRSP is one of the most effective tools available to help you save for retirement. The calculator below lets you explore five basic strategies to help you enhance the growth of your RRSP. Each strategy on its own can make a significant impact on your RRSP. Combining all five strategies has an even greater impact.

1. Increase your annual contribution 2. Contribute early in the year 3. Start contributing early in life 4. Contribute longer by retiring later 5. Earn a higher rate of return
The best growth in your RRSP will be achieved when you contribute as much as possible in each of your working years. Your RRSP will grow to a larger value simply by changing the time of year when you contribute. Contributing early in your career, even if you start with smaller contributions, is one of the best ways to grow your RRSP. Retiring later even by a few years, can add extra contributions and growth to your RRSP. Earning a higher rate of return, even by 1% or 2% can make a dramatic difference over the long term. Stay within your risk tolerance level when seeking investments with higher returns.


Use this calculator to compare the growth of two RRSPs using five strategies – increase annual contribution, contribute at the beginning of the year, start contributing early, retire later and earn a higher rate of return.




Current Value $ $
contribution *
$ $
Contribute when    
Start contributing at    
Stop contributing at    
Years of growth    
Rate of return  %  %
Future Value    


* There is an annual contribution limit. Your advisor can help you determine your limit.



This calculator is for educational and illustrative purposes only. The projected amounts are not guaranteed and are based on inputted estimates and assumptions by the user. Manulife Bank does not assume any liability for accuracy of the information contained herein. You should not rely on the results as an indication of your financial needs and we recommend that you seek out your own legal, accounting, tax or professional advice. Any information is neither intended to be, nor construed to be, investment or legal advice or an endorsement of any particular method of investing. The deduction of advisory fees, brokerage or other commissions and any other expenses that would have been paid may not be reflected in the calculation results.
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