Members: with a Manulife Bank Advantage Account, you get higher interest on your money2!

Earn 3.35%

interest on all your money

Take advantage of a flexible bank account that puts more money in your pocket2, and see why the Globe and Mail has called the Advantage Account “the most useful savings account in Canada”.§

Members always get our best offers, with free banking3 too!


With our Advantage Account, there are no monthly fees, and no fees to deposit or transfer money. Other services and fees include:

Services Fees
Transferring money from your account at another Canadian bank No charge
Direct deposit No charge
ABM deposits No charge
Mobile cheque deposit No charge

These fees are waived when you maintain a balance of $1,000.

Services Fees
Transferring money to your account at another Canadian bank No charge
Pre-authorized withdrawal No charge
Withdrawals in Canada at ABMs that are part of THE EXCHANGE® Network No charge
Withdrawals in Canada at ABMs that aren't part of THE EXCHANGE® Network $1.50
ABM withdrawal outside of Canada $3.00
Debit card purchase $1.00
Bill Payment $1.00
Sending an Interac e-Transfer2 $1.00
Writing cheques No charge

Additional services such as wire transfers and official cheques (in lieu of certified cheques) are also available. Please review our Services and Fee Guide for a complete list of all services and associated fees.

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If you want to make your account joint, it's easy to add someone to your Manulife Bank account. If the person you want to add isn't yet a Manulife Bank client, they'll need to open an account online. Once that's done or if they're already a Manulife Bank client, we'll add them to your account if you both give us a call.

How do I transfer to or from my account at another bank?
answer: Bank to bank fund transfers are a quick and easy way to move money to and from your accounts with other Canadian banks. 

To make bank-to-bank transfers, you'll need link your Manulife Bank account with your other accounts. If you provided a void cheque or initial deposit when you opened your Advantage Account, that link has been established. If you don’t already have the account linked, print, complete, sign, and send us this fund transfer agreement to connect your accounts. Once your accounts are linked, you can transfer funds using online, mobile, or telephone banking.

All your everyday transaction fees are waived when you maintain an account balance of just $1,000. If you don't keep the minimum balance, some transaction fees will apply (though bank-to-bank transfers are always free!)