For a limited time, get $1,000 cashback1 when you activate a new Manulife One2 and set up at least one recurring income deposit into it3.

Directly depositing your income makes Manulife One work as hard as you do.

Wouldn’t it be great to be debt-free even sooner? You could use this cashback to pay down your mortgage faster or help with moving costs. The choice is yours…

How to qualify:

  • Apply for a Manulife One2 by May 31, 2022 and have your account funded by August 12, 2022
  • Have at least $100,000 or more in debt in your Manulife One at the time of funding
  • Set up a recurring income deposit3 within 60 days of funding

The cashback amount will be deposited into your new Manulife One account within 60 days of your recurring income deposit being set up in the Manulife One account.

You can learn more about how Manulife One can help you start saving thousands in interest.

Ready to get started? Contact your advisor or mortgage broker to discuss this offer with them if you are working with one.  Otherwise, you can use our website to contact one of our mortgage specialists.

See the Terms & Conditions (PDF) for more information of this offer.