Get spending flexibility with an Access Line of Credit

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Money when you need it, for as long as you need it

When you have a major expense, it’s good to know you have access to money to pay for it. Once you’ve set it up, a line of credit is always available. Borrow up to your limit at a competitive interest rate to buy a new sofa or major appliance, repair a furnace or roof, or pay off your credit card balances and other higher interest rate loans.

Our Access Lines of Credit let you:

  • Access your money and manage your account 24/7
  • Make interest-only or interest-plus-principal payments
  • Pay back lump sums whenever you want
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Is our Access Lines of Credit right for you?

Yes, if you:

  • Have investments or permanent life insurance to secure your line of credit
  • Have enough income to make your loan payments
  • Want access to borrowed money that costs nothing until you use it
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Benefits of our Access Lines of Credit


Our Access Lines of Credit offers a competitive interest rate on the money you borrow.

Line of credit best rate1

Credit Limit


$25,000 to $99,999

(Prime +1.50%) 

$100,000 to $249,999

(Prime +1.25%) 

$250,000 and greater 7.95%

Access Line of Credit is available with a credit limit of $25,000 to $100,000 while Access Line of Credit Plus has an available credit limit of $100,000 plus.

Please review our Services and Fee Guide for a complete list of all services and associated fees.


A secured line of credit, like the Access Line of Credit and Access Line of Credit Plus, is guaranteed by assets you own, such as investments or permanent life insurance. If you default on your loan, your investments or life insurance will pay it off for you. The advantage of a secured line of credit is that it generally offers a significantly lower interest rate than an unsecured line of credit.

People often have many different debts, including credit card balances, car loans and student loans. Consolidating debt at a lower interest rate can save you money, and a line of credit makes it easy. First, check to see which debts let you repay early without penalties and fees. Then apply for a credit limit large enough to cover these debts, use your line of credit to pay them off through online, mobile or telephone banking or write a cheque, and simplify your life with one monthly payment at a lower interest rate.

You can lower your limit at any time with a simple letter of direction - a letter that gives instruction letting Manulife Bank know you would like to lower your credit limit. To increase your limit, you have to apply for the extra borrowing room.    

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