Cash back and travel benefits
in one credit card

Your first credit card was for convenience – but now maybe you want more. Superior cash back rewards let your savings add up quickly, and extensive insurance benefits mean you’ll be protected whenever you travel.

Our ManulifeMONEY+™ Visa Infinite* card gives you:

No fee cash back Credit Card

Annual fees

for you
(waived for the first year3)
for each additional cardholder

Annual interest rates

Cash advances
Balance transfers for six months
Balance transfers after six months

Minimum income requirements

individual income, or
household income

That depends on how much you spend on your card – but cash back adds up fast. For example:

Cash back rewards and Savings
If you spend …    Cash back reward You will save …
$600/month on groceries 3% $216
$5,000/year on travel 2% $100
$1,500/month on everything else 1% $180
Total savings   $496

Your ManulifeMONEY+ Visa cash back rewards are automatically redeemed and posted to your account as Cash Back Rewards in March, June, September, and December of each year. You'll see your rewards appear on your statement in the Transaction Details as a credit amount. Note that cash back rewards do not contribute to your minimum payment, but they do reduce your New Balance for that period.

We use Visa Inc.’s “grocery” classification to determine what qualifies as a grocery store. This category generally includes grocery stores and supermarkets. It may not include wholesale clubs, alcohol retailers, general merchandise merchants, convenience stores, discount retailers, specialty stores (such as fish markets) and health food stores.

Visa Inc.’s “hotel” classification also includes Airbnb. You’ll earn 2% cash back rewards when you use your card to book with those online marketplaces.

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