Get started with your
Advantage Account

First steps to using your Advantage Account

Congrats on opening your new Advantage Account! Using your account is simple, and here’s everything you need to do to get started.

Access online banking

If you opened your account online, you can sign in with the password you created when opening your account. If you don’t have a password or can’t remember the one you created, call us at 1-877-765-2265.

Download our mobile app

Get the Manulife Bank mobile app for your Android or Apple device, and sign in using the same password you set up for online banking. In the app, you can:

  • Check balances and transactions
  • Pay bills
  • Send and receive money using Interac e-Transfer®
  • Transfer money
  • Deposit cheques

For extra security and added convenience, set up Touch ID® or Face ID® on your Apple device, or Fingerprint ID on your Android device.

Go green with e-statements

If you'd like to receive e-statements instead of paper statements, log into online banking and click Statements Preferences from the top-right profile menu to change your preferences.

Put your money to work

Bank for free

Keep a balance of just $1,000 to get free unlimited daily banking, including Interac e-Transfer transactions, Interac® Debit purchases, bill payments, and withdrawals from thousands of ATMs across Canada.1

Additional services like wire transfers and certified cheques are available. Review our services and fees guide for a full list of services and associated fees.

Many banks make you choose between a great interest rate, no fees, and the ability to bank your way. With the Advantage Account, you get it all. Here are four things you might not know about the Advantage Account.

4 things you didn’t know about your Advantage Account – Manulife Bank

Download a transcript (PDF)

Set up direct deposit

Get your pay into your account as soon as possible with direct deposit. Give your employer your direct deposit form, which you can download and print from online banking after you sign in.

  1. Choose your account from the home page
  2. Select Direct deposit form (PDF) under More.

Transfer your money

To start earning interest on every dollar, the first step is transferring money from your other Canadian bank accounts into your Advantage Account. There are 3 ways to do it:

  • Link your accounts at other Canadian banks to your Advantage Account
  • Send yourself money using Interac e-Transfer
  • Write yourself a cheque

Tip: by linking accounts, you can use our online banking website or mobile app to pull money into your Advantage Account from your other Canadian accounts to get our great interest rate on all your cash.

Pay your bills

Make a list of all the automatic withdrawals or bill payments from your old account, then add them to your Advantage Account using online banking or the mobile app.

You can also set up recurring payments, so you never miss a due date. 

Use your bank card

Getting your PIN

As soon as your account is opened, we’ll mail you a bank card. You’ll receive your PIN separately, within 5 days of getting your card. Once you have your PIN, you can change it at thousands of ATMs across Canada.

Debit purchases

Use your card and PIN to make debit purchases. After your first debit purchase, you can tap to make in-store purchases of up to $250 using Interac® Debit contactless payments. You can also get money with in-store cash back from participating retailers.

Withdrawals and deposits

You can also use your card to withdraw cash from thousands of bank machines across Canada. Withdrawals from ATMs on THE EXCHANGE® Network are free, but ATMs on other networks may charge their own convenience fees.


Here are the default daily limits for different transaction types:

  • ATM withdrawal: $1,200/day
  • Point of sale/debit transactions, including in-store cash back: $3,000/day
  • Outgoing transfers: $50,000
  • Interac e-Transfer: $3,000/transfer, $3,000/day, $10,000/week, and $20,000/month

These apply to most people, however, there are situations where individual limits may be different. Our limits are in place for your protection and to comply with regulations.

If you have questions about your transaction limits or need to exceed that limit, give us a call.

As a Manulife Bank customer, you have fee-free access to thousands of ATMs across Canada that are part of THE EXCHANGE Network. Use our ATM locator to find the nearest bank machine, and see which of these machines accept deposits and which are withdrawal-only.

Note: ATM transaction fees may still apply for specific products or transactions.

In addition to ATMs bearing THE EXCHANGE Network logo, you can also make withdrawals at any ATM bearing the Interac logo. However, you may be charged additional fees for ATMs that don't have THE EXCHANGE Network logo.

You can also get money with in-store cash back from participating retailers.

Find an ATM

When you deposit money into your account, there’s generally a hold on the money to allow time for the money to get to your account. This means you can’t access some or all of your deposit right away. The amount and duration of the hold depends on the type of deposit you make:

Deposit Amount and Hold Duration


(business days)

(business days)

Cash, cheques, or Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs) from another Canadian bank or financial institution



  • $1,500 or less



  • More than $1,500



There are a few reasons where the maximum hold limits listed above may be extended:

  • Your account is less than 90 days old
  • A cheque you deposited has already been deposited somewhere else
  • The date on a cheque you deposited is more than six months ago
  • Cases where we believe there may be illegal, fraudulent, or improper account activity

We can also accept deposits from you on a ‘collection-only basis’. This means that the money will show up in your account after we get payment from the other bank or financial institution you’re sending it from.

Unless your account is newer than 90 days old, you should be able to use up to $100 of your deposit the next business day. To confirm, check the Available Balance for your account.