Life’s busy. We want to help you keep up!

June 20, 2022

What if you got so busy you totally lost track of this month’s household bills, but managed to avoid a charge for insufficient funds because you transferred in some extra cash … prompted by a note from us, saying, “Watch out, your chequing account balance is low!”

Suppose we reached out to say, “Hey, you’ve almost maxed out your line of credit”, just in time to stop your next purchase from being declined and keep your credit rating from being bruised?

Daily life comes with enough drama. You don’t need more from your daily banking. Beginning on June 30, we’ll be launching some service enhancements to help you stay on top of things.

Introducing email alerts and notifications

Our email alerts will let you know when your personal account balance or available credit get low. 

To help you make more informed financial decisions, we will also begin sending automatic notifications to help keep account changes like these from sneaking up on you:

  • A temporary fee discount or waiver ending
  • Promotional interest rate reverting to everyday interest
  • Maturity instructions for pending Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) renewals

Complaint acknowledgements

If you ever file a complaint, we’ll send you an acknowledgement email or letter. We’re striving for more timely resolution of complaints, but when your issue is escalated, or takes us a while to resolve, we may keep you posted through further emails or letters – in addition to the calls or messages you receive from our dedicated Customer Care Representatives.

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