How to switch to
Manulife One

It’s easy to switch to Manulife One. Our experienced mortgage specialists will: 

  • Explain your options
  • Guide you through your application
  • Contact your existing financial institution

All you have to do is let us know you’re interested. We’ll take it from there.

Connect with a mortgage specialist

When you buy a home, mortgage-freedom can often seem like a distant destination. But, what if you could get there faster and save thousands in interest along the way? Here’s how Manulife One can help you reach mortgage-freedom sooner.

How to pay off your mortgage faster – Manulife One from Manulife Bank

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For many of us, becoming debt-free is the ultimate goal. And for most Manulife One customers, even after their debt is paid off, they keep their account. Here are three reasons why Manulife One is an account for life.

Your mortgage and bank account for life – Manulife One from Manulife Bank

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