Investor Information

About Manulife Bank

Manulife Bank (PDF) is a Schedule I federally chartered bank and a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company. Established in 1993, it was the first federally regulated bank opened by an insurance company in Canada.

About Manulife Trust

Manulife Trust (PDF) is a federally chartered trust company licensed to do business in all Canadian provinces and territories. Established in 2010, Manulife Trust is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Manulife Bank.

About Manulife Financial

Manulife is a leading international financial services group that helps people make their decisions easier and lives better. We operate primarily as John Hancock in the United States and Manulife elsewhere. Manulife provides financial advice, insurance, as well as wealth and asset management solutions for individuals, groups and institutions. Learn more about how Manulife is helping people achieve their dreams and aspirations in the Public Accountability Statement (PDF).

Deposit and investment protection

Manulife Bank and Manulife Trust are members of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC).

CDIC is a federal Crown corporation that provides deposit insurance to depositors and investors and protects them against a loss if an institution fails. All eligible deposits are covered up to a maximum limit of $100,000 (Canadian dollars) at both Manulife Bank and Manulife Trust. Coverage is free and is automatically applied to all eligible products.

Credit Ratings

Manulife Bank’s long- and short-term debt is rated by both DBRS and Standard & Poor’s.

  Short Term Deposit Rating Long Term Deposit Rating
DBRS R-1 (middle) A (high)
Standard & Poors A-1 A+

Standard & Poor’s reaffirmed Manulife Bank’s long-term deposit rating of A+ and its short-term deposit rating of A-1 on March 29, 2019.

DBRS reaffirmed the Bank’s long-term senior debt and long term deposit ratings of A (high) and its short-term deposit rating of R-1 (middle) as of October 4, 2019.

Financial performance and regulatory disclosures

Now that you know all about us, it’s time to talk numbers – after all we are a bank. Learn more about our past financial performance and read our disclosures.

Financial Performance and Regulatory Disclosures

2020: Q1 (PDF) 

2019: Q1 (PDF)Q2 (PDF)Q3 (PDF), and Q4 (PDF)

2018: Q1 (PDF), Q2 (PDF), Q3 (PDF), and Q4 (PDF)

2017: Q1 (PDF), Q2 (PDF), Q3 (PDF), and Q4 (PDF)

Additional information for investors

Manulife Bank offers Bearer Deposit Notes and Medium Term deposit notes to wholesale investors. For more information on the Bank’s BDN program, (see the Bank's current Bearer Deposit Notes Information Memo (PDF) ).

Refer to our investor fact sheet (PDF) for more information about the Bank.