5 clever tips for moving

Are you the sort of person who’d prefer to avoid hoisting a box spring onto the roof and through a window? Well friend, this is the list for you.

Author: Josh Hissa

I’ve combed the web and mined the experiences of recently-moved folks to proudly present the very best time-and-stress-savers for your upcoming move.

1. Make a packing schedule

Seriously. Even if you stop reading here, you’ll be miles ahead of where my family was for our first big move. Here’s why a packing plan is vital:

  • You still have to live there. Consider what you need day-to-day and pack accordingly. Kitchen tools and the pantry will probably be among the last of the things you pack. After all, no one wants to find themselves craving a stir fry and forgetting what box your wok is in.
  • Doing everything in two or three days before you move is a stressful gong show. With a good plan in place, you can tackle storage areas and bookshelves days or even weeks in advance. It’ll save you a ton of time as the move date gets closer and help keep you organized.

2. Check your insurance

Your homeowner’s insurance typically provides some coverage for your belongings, but you should review your policy to know exactly how far it goes. I’m not saying your moving truck will get struck by lightning. I’m just saying that if it does, it’ll suck a lot less if your stuff is fully insured.

3. Make a meal plan

Moving is hungry work, and if you’re not planning ahead it can mean extra grocery store runs, wasting food in the fridge, or dropping a lot of extra cash on take out. #ZeroFoodWaste with a meal plan that lets you finish up what you’ve already got in the freezer.

4. Take measurements

Remember the box-spring-on-the-roof situation I mentioned before? That was me in 2017 because I didn’t measure the size of my unreasonably-thin stairwell in relation to my new box spring. Before unpacking, know the important dimensions for the front door, stairwells, and basement access. That way, you’ll know before you scrape anything which doors may need to be removed.

5. Check for used boxes

This is less of an issue if you’re paying for an inclusive package with movers, but if you’re a thrifty mover like me, this tip is gold. People often post moving boxes on Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace for cheap – or better yet, free. It’s an easy way to save some cash and love on the planet by reusing materials.

And there you have it. Sure, moving is lots of work, but you can rest easier with these handy tips. Happy moving – and enjoy your new place!