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Here are the forms you need to change your address, link bank accounts, start direct deposits, set up pre-authorized debits and more. Each form tells you how to send it to us. 

Manage your banking

Transfer money between your Manulife Bank account and another bank account or start direct deposits.
When you link your Manulife Bank account to your chequing or savings account at another Canadian financial institution, you can transfer money directly between the accounts. Link accounts and transfer money using our mobile banking app or the form for your account type.1

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Link accounts

Link Canadian $ personal accounts

Link Canadian $ business accounts

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Change your address

Manage your mortgage and loans

Pay automatically from any bank account or increase your mortgage borrowing limit

Manage your mortgage and loans

Manage your credit cards

Pay automatically from any Canadian bank account

Manage your investments

Use this form for existing TFSA, RRSP or RRIF to make changes