Access card tips

Ready to bank? Get out your access card!

With your access card in hand, you can:

  • Sign into online, mobile, and telephone banking
  • Make Interac® Debit payments with millions of merchants worldwide, and tap your card to pay using Interac® Debit contactless payments
  • Make ATM deposits wherever you see the Manulife Bank or THE EXCHANGE® symbol
  • Make ATM withdrawals wherever you see the Interac®, Maestro®, Cirrus®, THE EXCHANGE, or ACCEL® symbols

Use your card at bank machines with these symbols

interac logo

Get started

  1. Activate your card: when you get your card, call us at 1-877-765-2265.
  2. Watch for your PIN: we'll mail your pin separately within five business days. If you don’t get it, give us a call.
  3. Sign the back of your card: this is a good chance to practice your autograph.
  4. Activate contactless payment: after you make an Interac Debit purchase using your chip and PIN, contactless payment will be activated automatically.1

Make debit payments

Withdraw and deposit money

Daily withdrawal/transaction limits

Here are the default daily limits for different transaction types:

  • ATM withdrawals: $1,200/day
  • Point of sale/Interac Debit transactions, including in-store cash back: $3,000/day
  • Outgoing transfers: $50,000
  • Interac e-Transfer®: $3,000/transfer, $3,000/day, $10,000/week, and $20,000/month

These apply to most people, however, there are situations where individual limits may be different. Our limits are in place for your protection and to comply with regulations. If you have questions about your transaction limits or need to exceed that limit, give us a call.

Protect your PIN

Always keep your PIN secret. If your access card is lost, stolen, or retained by an ATM, or if you believe someone else knows your PIN, call us at 1-877-765-2265 right away. 

Get a new access card or PIN

You'll automatically get a new access card when you open a Manulife One mortgage, Manulife Bank Select mortgage, Advantage Account, All-In Banking Package, or line of credit. If you need a replacement access card, call us at 1-877-765-2265.

If you forget your PIN and need to set up a new one, call us at 1-877-765-2265 and we'll mail you a new PIN.

Travel safely with your debit card

  • Call us before you leave to avoid holds on your access card prompted by transactions that look unusual or suspicious.
  • Travel with more than one way to pay, including cash, because not all ATMs and merchants will accept your access card.
  • If you need to reach us and toll-free calling isn’t available from your phone, call Manulife Bank collect at 1-519-747-7000, Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET.


Contactless payments lets you pay for purchases up to $250 at participating Canadian retailers by simply holding or tapping your Manulife Bank access card against the payment terminal, instead of entering a PIN or providing your signature.

Many Canadian retailers now accept contactless payments. While you shop, look for the Interac Debit contactless payment logo and contactless wave symbol wherever you shop. 

interac logo

Contactless payments uses secure chip processing, which is the most secure card payment method available. Secure chip processing never relies on the card’s magnetic stripe to transmit data, and prevents unauthorized users from copying or accessing the information on your card when using chip-enabled payment terminals or ATMs.

The per-transaction and total limits for contactless payments provide an extra layer of protection. And, as an added benefit, all Interac Debit and contactless payment transactions are covered by the Interac® Zero Liability Policy*, which protects you against losses from unauthorized activity on your accounts.

You can use contactless payments for any single purchase up to $250 at a participating retailer. If you try to pay for a purchase of more than $250 by contactless payment, you will be prompted to insert your access card and enter your PIN as you would for a regular Interac Debit payment.

For added security, you will also be prompted to insert your access card and enter your PIN whenever your contactless payment purchases reach a total of $400 since the last time you entered your PIN. To re-activate contactless payment if this occurs, simply complete an Interac Debit purchase using your PIN. Your spend counter will reset to zero and you will be able to pay using contactless payments again.

Any purchase made with contactless payment will be debited from the primary account associated with your Manulife Bank access card. If you have more than one account associated with your access card, your chequing account will be debited.  If you need to change which account is debited, call us.

Using contactless payment is free. However, standard fees for debit transactions on your account will apply.

Contactless purchasing is safe, convenient and popular. That’s why we automatically enable contactless payment on your access card. However, it’s an optional feature, so you can call us anytime to turn it off – or, if you change your mind, to turn it back on.

Retailers provide receipts upon request for purchases made using contactless payment, just as they do for Interac Debit transactions.

Call us at 1-877-765-2265 to activate your card. Then watch for your PIN, which will arrive separately by mail. If your access card replaces a previous access card with the same number, you can keep the same PIN. Once you have your PIN, make an Interac Debit purchase at a retailer with a contactless payment enabled terminal. When you insert your card and enter your PIN, you will activate contactless payment for any subsequent purchases, wherever it’s available.