Business tax payment and filing service

Now you can pay Canadian provincial and federal government agencies online from your Business Advantage Account.

When you enroll in this optional business tax payment and filing service, you can access a 24/7 payment portal – powered by Dye & Durham  – through a dedicated link on our online banking sign-in page. You’ll sign in using a service-specific Payment and Filing Service (PFS) User ID and password that Dye & Durham will send you.

Within the portal, register your business to pay dozens of provincial and federal government agencies directly from your Manulife Bank business account(s). Then you can schedule as many payments as you need, up to 365 days in advance of when they’re due.

What it costs

Because this service is optional, you must enroll to use it. There’s a one-time enrollment fee of $25 to get your business set up on the portal. After that, a per-transaction fee of $2 will apply for each payment you make. If you don’t wish to use the service, you will not incur any of these fees.

How to enroll

If you already have a business account with Manulife Bank, complete the tax payment and filing service enrollment form and upload it using the “Upload documents” feature of online banking. 

If you are opening a new business account, you can enrol at time of application.