How to manage your notification preferences for email alerts

Learn how to enter or change your email address, select the type(s) of email alerts you wish to receive, set threshold amounts, and start or stop receiving email alerts.

Important note about ManulifeMONEY+TM Visa* Cards: Only the Primary Cardholder can manage notification preferences. To do so, sign into the credit card account, select “Alerts” from the left menu, then “Manage Alert Preferences”.

Before your start…

Keep in mind

  • We must have a valid personal email address on file for you to receive email alerts
  • We currently offer email alerts for personal accounts, but not business accounts
  • If you’re a joint owner, you can set notification preferences independent of the Primary account owner.

Eligible accounts

  • Advantage Account (Canadian or US-dollar, personal)
  • All-In Banking Package
  • Manulife One main account
  • Manulife Bank Select chequing account
  • Lines of credit

Get started

Sign into online banking, click the drop down menu next to your name and “Notification preferences”. Note that you must use your Manulife ID to sign in.

Clicking “Edit”  opens the notification menu for each account.  

To manage notification preferences for all your eligible accounts, edit each one.

Check, change or add your email address

Does your email address appear on the screen? Is it correct?  We can only send you email alerts if we have a valid email address on file.

Select “Add your email” if the email field is blank. Once you provide an email address, you can return to this screen to manage your notification preferences.

Select “Update your email address” if you wish to  change it.

Turn email alerts on or off

Each alert type will display with a check box next to it. Select the box(es) next to each type of alert you wish to receive for the account.

Deselect a box to turn off that type of alert for the account.

Change a threshold amount

If the default value of $100 that we set for each alert doesn’t meet your needs, you may enter a different amount.

Save changes to your preferences

To save the changes you have made to your preferences, click the “Update” button. Your changes will take effect immediately.

Clicking “Cancel” will reset your preferences to their previous values.

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