Email alerts and automatic notification services

We want to help you manage your day-to-day finances and avoid unexpected fees. To do this, we’ll be sending you email alerts and notifications from time to time, with important information about your account.  If we don’t already have an email on file for you, you may wish to add one to your profile now!

Email alerts

You don’t have to sign up for email alerts; we send them automatically. However, if you prefer not to receive email alerts, you can switch them off within our online banking site.

Managing email alert preferences

Want to modify or stop your email alerts? Here’s how: 

For ManulifeMONEY+ Visa Infinite or Platinum Cards, only the Primary Cardholder can modify alert preferences. To do so, sign into the credit card account.

For all other accounts, the primary and the joint accountholder can modify email alert preferences individually. To do so, sign into online banking then click the drop down menu next to your name and “Notification preferences”. Note that you must use your Manulife ID to sign in. Follow these instructions if you need coaching.

Other automatic notifications

From time to time, we’ll also send you automatic notifications that regulations consider too important to be turned off. Take note, you’ll only receive them if you’re the primary owner of an account. These include:

Temporary fee discounts or waivers

When you have taken us up on an offer to discount or waive a fee, we’ll let you know about 21 days and 5 days in advance before the benefit period expires.

Interest rate promotions

If you have participated in a promotional interest rate offer, we’ll reach out about 21 days and 5 days before that promotional rate expires to explain when you’ll start earning interest at our everyday rate. We’ll also let you know where that rate is posted, for reference.

Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) renewals

If you have a registered or non-registered GIC coming up for renewal, we’ll send you a notice by mail, about 30 days before it matures, reminding you of the maturity instructions you gave us when you opened your GIC. We’ll send additional notices about 21 and 5 days before maturity, giving you an opportunity to change your maturity instructions, if desired.

Complaint acknowledgements

If you file a complaint, we’ll send you an acknowledgement email or letter.  Depending how long it takes us to resolve, and whether or not your issue is escalated, we may send you one or two more status updates by email or letter. These notifications are in addition to the calls or messages you may receive from the dedicated Customer Care Representatives working on your issue.  We now refer to the office formerly known as the Ombudsman’s Office as our “Client Dispute Resolution Office”. Learn more on our Customer Satisfaction page.

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