How to send money online using Interac e-Transfer®

Sending money to friends and family using Interac e-Transfer is easy.

Before your start…

Add Interac e-Transfer contacts

  • To send money using an Interac e-Transfer, you need to add contacts to your account using their phone number or email. You’ll need to enter a verification code when adding a new Interac e-Transfer contact. Here’s how to add an Interac e-Transfer contact.

Keep in mind

  • The first time you send money using an Interac e-Transfer, you’ll need to create an Interac e-Transfer profile.
  • Depending on your account, there may be a fee to send money using an Interac e-Transfer.
  • There are daily, weekly, and monthly Interac e-Transfer transaction limits. See all fees and limits here.

Eligible accounts

  • Advantage Account (Canadian-dollar, personal, or business)
  • All-In Banking Package
  • Manulife One main account
  • Manulife Bank Select chequing account
  • Line of credit

Step 1
Get started

Sign into online banking, click Interac e-Transfer® in the left side menu, then click Send money.

Step 2
Set up the Interac e-Transfer transaction

On this screen, you’ll enter all the Interac e-Transfer transaction details, including:

  • Which account you want to send money from
  • Who you want to send money to
  • How much money you want to send

Once you’ve entered the details, click Next.

Step 3
Enter the security question and answer

On this screen, you’ll create a security question and answer, and you can also add a message for your contact.

The security answer must be at least 3 characters and should be something only your contact knows. The security question and memo field can’t contain the security answer.

Once you’ve entered the question and answer, click Next.

Step 4
Confirm the Interac e-Transfer transaction details

On this screen, review the details of your Interac e-Transfer transaction and ensure they’re correct. If you need to make any changes, click Back to update the details.

Once you’re ready, click Send to send the money using Interac e-Transfer, and your contact should receive it within an hour.

  • To cancel a pending Interac  e-Transfer transaction, click View Interac e-Transfer transactions in the left side menu, then tap the drop down arrow for the pending Interac e-Transfer transaction, then click Stop and confirm the cancellation.
  • To remind a contact to accept your money via Interac e-Transfer, click  View Interac e-Transfer transactions in the left side menu, then click the drop down arrow for the pending Interac e-Transfer transaction, then click Re-notify contact.

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